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Perhaps the best way to describe our Corporate Facilitation and Retreats is to give you some case studies.  Read about our programs that have been tailored and designed to meet our client’s needs.

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Case Study #1

Executive Retreat in a Turn Around Company


Case Study #2

Executive Retreat after

a Stalled Merger


Case Study #3 

Presentation Skills Training


Case Study #4

Brainstorming Session on Starting a Company


Case Study #5

Training Series for Local Professional Services Firm


Case Study #6

On-boarding Off-Site for New Company President


Case Study #7

1st Ever Strategic Retreat for Company


Guy Marsala

President and CEO
Saxco International LLC

I have used Kimberly as an executive coach, observed her deliver keynote presentations and, also used her to facilitate an offsite retreat with my executive team. She provides credible, practical and actionable information filled with real world examples that drive the points home. 

She is disarming, allowing her audience to overcome resistance and actively participate. 

As a facilitator, she brought our leadership team together quickly to better understand one another, align, collaborate and leverage our individual and collective strengths. She will inspire your team to play BIG!

Tom Bang

CEO VorroHealth

Having designed and orchestrated the merger in Case Study #2, it was personally disappointing to me and frustrating to others that the cultures, remote locations and personality differences among individuals of the two organizations were hindering the type of collaboration required to prove out our return thesis.  By the end of the session Kimberly had us strategizing to leverage our differences instead of fighting over them. We recognized our differences as strengths, now as a unified team. Her unique style enabled the team to lean into the value of our diversity with purpose and confidence.

Dan Koblin

Founder and Partner
Continuum Consulting Group

I have utilized Kimberly for both individual and team coaching and the results were fantastic.  Kimberly’s insights and facilitation helped us to operationalize our mission and values and elevate the success as a team.   She also helped us to scale our business profitably, while driving more trust and connectivity across our organization.

Kimberly is a talented coach who had

 immeasurable impact on our organization.

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