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Case Study #3 - Presentation Skills Training

A global manufacturing company had several executives who would benefit from stronger presentation skills.  Each executive had behaviors that were surfacing that were detracting from their overall effectiveness.  These behaviors were across the board from being too high level, not being prepared, nervousness, being too technical, not establishing connection and rapport with the audience, etc.  Each individual viewed presenting and their skill level from vastly different perspectives.


We designed a half-day on-site training session, which included the following:

  • Understanding the executive sponsors perception of the need, benefit and desired outcome.

  • Having each individual complete a questionnaire in advance of the session assessing the last three presentations they made, articulating where they wanted to improve, articulating their strengths in presenting, expressing what got in their way when they were not at their best and establishing a vision of their desired outcome.

  • Taking a positive approach using each individual’s strengths, values and gifts observed in their best recent presentation.

  • Having participants prepare for their next presentation with exercises on understanding their audience, declaring their desired outcome, articulating their message in one sentence, preparing a strong start, articulating their content clearly, simply and cohesively, and creating a ‘call to action’ for their close.

  • Providing skill-building tools to build rapport with their audience, read their audience real time and stay flexible, increase their confidence, maintain eye contact, and be prepared to handle questions (even the one’s that throw them off!)

  • Obtaining a commitment from each individual on 3 simple things they will try first.

  • Building future collaborative, constructive support for one another moving forward to maintain the momentum and allow for continuous improvement.

  • Each participant following up with the group on how the presentation they prepared for went.

  • Follow on individual coaching with participants.

The result has been greater confidence, influence and ease for the presenters and greater understanding and confidence in the executives by their audience.

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