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Playing Your BIGgest Game

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Our work, our lives, and our legacies are the games that REALLY matter, especially in uncertain times. Going it alone only gets us so far. Making our vision and goals a team sport amplifies our ability to reach our fullest potential and generate the greatest results.

Using her All-Star Executive Edge model, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker Kimberly Roush helps organizations and their leaders master five core disciplines in a safe, trusted space that enables them to play full out.

By working with Kimberly and her All-Star Executive Edge model, you will be:

  • Challenged to play your BIGgest game, courageously taking those critical steps to realize your full potential as an All-Star

  • Inspired to manifest a more rewarding career, a more meaningful life, and a lasting legacy

  • Empowered to learn, grow, and realize success using proven  All-Star resources and strategies that will have you saying, “GAME ON! Let’s Play!”

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Kimberly Roush is a former partner at KPMG and Founder of All-Star Executive Coaching, Best-selling coauthor of

“Who Are You… When You Are BIG!?,” and

Charter Member of Forbes Speakers.

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