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Let’s Get Your Game On! Are you ready to go from GOOD to GREAT!

What is success, anyway?  Title?  Money? Achievement? You’ve worked hard your entire career to get here – now what?  How do you keep it up?  When does the pressure for more stop? Where do you go from here?  When does the fun start?  Is more success just more money?  Higher titles?

Your purpose in life is more than to just make money or attain a certain title.  Have you ever stopped to develop your own definition of success – a purpose that encompasses your whole life?  One that includes what is really meaningful in your work and your life?  One that allows you to use your unique strengths, values and gifts?

How do we have you attain and achieve the all that is important to you AND enjoy the journey, have fun along the way, and have a deep sense of personal fulfillment?

Professional Excellence,
Fun and Fulfillment
in Work and in Life!

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At All-Star Executive Coaching we believe, professional excellence, fun and fulfillment are the 

triple play of real success for executives. 

It’s one thing to be professionally excellent.  It’s another thing to have fun and fulfillment in work and in life!

There is a reason professional excellence comes first!  It’s assumed.  It’s required.  It’s necessary.  Maintaining professional excellence invites a continued dedication to learning and growth.  We can help you with that.  We listen.  We ask good questions!  And we have a plethora of tools that seem to be just what executives need to continually improve their leadership skills – and we are constantly adding to our toolbox.  Tools that are fun, easy to use and can be built into habits and behaviors that will continue to drive your success.  We work with you one-on-one, side-by-side with your real time situations to allow you to reflect, assess, design action plans and gain proficiency with new skills to add them to your personal leadership toolbox.

That being said, you can be professionally excellent, but you won’t have inspired and engaged followers with just professional excellence.   My guess is that the drive for professional excellence without a purpose, without meaning, without fun isn’t very rewarding and brings a lot of stress, pressure, doubt and insecurity.  Let’s change that!  Let’s help you discover who you are when you are BIG!  Not big ego, big title or big money – BIG as in when you are thriving, flourishing, operating at the top of your game, capitalizing on your strengths, values and gifts, having fun!  And since BIG is contagious – You’ll have plenty of inspired and engaged followers. (See

So, how do we align your professional and personal growth and development towards YOUR definition of success?  How do we design a path forward for you that inspires you and energizes you and challenges you into action towards the vision of your desired outcomes?  With a 100% tailored, individualized coaching plan!  That’s how.


Who Are you...When You Are BIG?

With an Executive Coach, You Can:

  • Redefine success on your terms

  • Achieve professional excellence

  • Unleash potential

  • Identify and play to your strengths

  • Define and manage your personal brand

  • Provide authentic values-based leadership

  • Improve communication skills and emotional intelligence

  • Inspire and motivate

  • Improve relationships

  • Play with conflict

  • Achieve balance

  • Live with purpose and fulfillment

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Hold integrity

  • Take care of yourself

  • Have Fun!

Guy Marsala

 President and CEO Saxco International LLC

Kimberly asks probing questions, listens well, respects confidentially and is a great sounding board. Always positive and upbeat, she helps me capitalize on my strengths. She challenges me to think differently about a problem and makes herself available to brainstorm ideas and action plans. I consider her a friend as well as a mentor and coach and recommend her without reservation.

Bob Rovzar


Perricone Farms

It is with great enthusiasm, that I endorse Kimberly as a business and personal coach. She is a seasoned business professional that combines her vast business intellect and practical experience, with tremendous people skills. She invests her time, heart and soul in first understanding her client’s and what is truly important to them. From there, she works side by side with her clients helping them develop their own, unique personal brand. She helped me open my eyes to a wonderful world of new opportunities and perspectives that is paying dividends from a professional and personal standpoint.

 Michelle Van Slyke

 SVP Marketing and Sales, The UPS Store

 Inc, a UPS Company

Hire Kimberly! She’s an excellent coach, fun person and will consistently challenge you. Kimberly has the ability to accelerate your progress by keeping you on track and providing a solid business/executive level perspective. She’s a true professional in her field and delivers results!

 Mark Miller

MD / MBA, Chief Medical Officer, The Polyclinic

Kimberly was able to help me really advance my personal brand in a thoughtful yet fun way. Both her approach and communication style is clearly personalized to each of her business leader client’s individual needs. She has a nice way of keeping people on track and at the same time empowering the exploration of alternative courses of action – to play full out. I can see the growth in myself in terms of positioning myself for what’s next because of her coaching. Along those lines, it has been satisfying to take what I’ve learned from Kimberly and share it with my own team.

David Cohen

Head of Player Operations, Alliance of American Football

Kimberly is a great executive coach. She provided me with a much needed reality check when I needed it. While working with her, I was able to develop my executive skills, improve my performance and ultimately significantly advance my career. Kimberly takes a no nonsense approach to executive coaching. She tells the truth without “sugar coating” and helps professionals come to realizations on their strengths and areas of advancement. She then helps create working strategies to make good professionals into great executives.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Kimberly for over a year. She made a huge impact on my career and my professional life is so much better as a direct result!


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