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Our Coaching Philosophy

Just imagine moving from…

  • Striving to Thriving

  • Stress and Anxiety to Wellness

  • Exhausted to Energized

  • Insecurity, Fear and Doubt to Hope, Possibilities and Positivity

  • Expectations to Aspirations

  • Extrinsic Motivators to Intrinsic Gifts and Strengths

  • Never Ending Goals and Destinations to Enjoying the Journey

  • Loneliness to Inclusion and Belonging

  • Scarcity to Abundance

  • Success to Significance

  • Hard work to Ease and Grace

  • The Hamster Wheel to The Ferris Wheel!

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Think of Coaching as a 100% Tailored Professional and Personal Development Program.

As executives rise through the ranks, they have generally had training and development provided along the way that helped them grow and achieve success.  As some point, however, as they rise to the higher levels of their career, that training often stops which many times goes unnoticed.  Yet the need for growth continues.  Better than a course or program they can attend to learn technical skills, coaching provides executives the ability to develop leadership skills, habits and behaviors using real time scenarios and learn tools and techniques that continue their growth and build sustainable leadership momentum.


Executives are like Olympic athletes – high achievers that expect the best from themselves.  And like Olympic athletes, executives achieve even more with the help of a coach.  Coaches challenge, train, develop, inspire, encourage and motivate people to be All-Stars!  

Going it alone is like risking the Gold medal!

Are You…

  • Living in fear and doubt about your performance?

  • Feeling frustrated that your are not getting the results you want with others?

  • Experiencing a career mid-life crisis?

  • Feeling burnt-out or bored?

  • Operating in a constant state of chaos?

  • Experiencing more bad stress (anxiety) than good stress (excitement)?

  • Feeling like expectations keep growing and you can’t keep up?

  • Feeling lonely despite your business and professional accomplishments and relationships?

  • Letting stress affect your health and / or relationships?

happy-businesswoman 2.jpg

What Would Be Possible If You…

  • You were part of an All-Star team?

  • You were operating at your full potential?

  • You were enjoying the journey?

  • Your ‘success’ was everything you defined it to be?

  • You were happy?

  • You knew where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years?

  • You were living out your life purpose or vision?

Are Your Ready For Coaching?

Coaching isn’t for everybody!  Coaching is for people who are ready to make a change in their lives and want:

  • To be at the top of their game

  • To play with the passion of an Olympic athlete

  • More for themselves personally and professionally

  • More rewarding relationships

  • To challenge themselves to be the best leader they can be

  • To continually learn new skills, habits, behaviors, tools and techniques

  • To define their vision and legacy

  • To create a winning strategy beyond the current game – for the season, for their careers / lives

  • To find direction to feel more fulfilled, on purpose, passionate

  • To achieve balance in all aspects of their lives

  • To take responsibility for their own happiness

  • To have fun again!

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Only Shooting Stars Break the Mold – 

           Are You Game?

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