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Case Study #6 - On-boarding Off-Site for New Company President

A President coming into a new company wanted to ensure key stakeholders were aligned as he took on his new role.  The owner and CEO of the company had brought him on in anticipation of the ultimate retirement of his Chief Operating Officer in a couple of years.  The owner and the COO were both highly passionate about the business and had deep experience and expertise in the industry.  The President, who had no prior industry experience, was brought in to ‘take the company to the next level.’


We facilitated a half-day session, which included the following:

  • Building trust among the 3 individuals

  • Honoring and respecting the relative strengths of each individual and the historic contributions of the CEO and COO

  • Defining and aligning on what “take it to the next level’ meant

  • Gaining alignment on roles and responsibilities

  • Establishing authority and responsibility for each position

  • Establishing the company’s mission, vision and values

The result was a smooth transition with our client entering his position, a real-time demonstration of what ‘the next level’ might look like in terms of structure, alignment, communication, leadership, teamwork, etc., and a smooth exiting of the COO as he retired.  The CEO who hired him is now the Chairman; our client assumed the CEO role and has become an owner; and the business has doubled in size.

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