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Case Study #1 - Executive Retreat in a Turn Around Company

A first time CEO came into a new turnaround situation.  It was his first time reporting directly to the BOD and private equity.  He was their 4th CEO in 5 years and the ranks were basically just waiting to see how long he was going to last.  The company had had regulatory issues and had recently emerged from bankruptcy. 


He brought in several new members to his executive team and needed the old and new guard to quickly assimilate into a cohesive team.  He also wanted to be a source of inspiration to all the employees of the organization who had been discouraged and disappointed over the past several years.  The CEO stood for integrity and was just what the company needed.


We designed and facilitated an off-site retreat for the executive team that included the following:

  • Attendance at a leadership team meeting prior to the retreat to observe dynamics of the executives to allow us to design the retreat.

  • Use of the DiSC communications assessment with each individual and a one-on-one interview prior to the retreat.

  • Each member expressing who they were … when they were BIG (see ) which allowed vulnerability, connection, insight, and rapport.

  • Sharing the CEO’s vision.

  • Creating the desired outcomes.

  • Collaborating to build their new Mission, Vision and Values.

  • Creating a united “Who Are WE … When WE are BIG Statement” setting the stage for how they would move forward together.

The result was a more cohesive and united leadership team that went on to turn the company around more quickly than expected which resulted in a very favorable exit (sale of the company) for the private equity partners and provided a solid landing place for the employees.

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