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Back in the game logo.jpeg
  • Are you at a transition point in your career?

  • Are you feeling disconnected and alone?

  • Are you operating out of fear and uncertainty, unsure of how or when this is going to end?

  • Are you proactively looking to make a career change but not knowing where to start?

       Don’t go it alone.

Back In the Game (BIG!) is a premium, comprehensive group coaching program for executives that will have you re-energized and engaged in finding the right job, not just your next job! 

You’re just on a career coffee break! Imagine using all your strengths and leadership skills to help you navigate transition from a fully empowered place. Imagine starting your new job with a renewed sense of self-confidence as well as some great tools for your leadership toolbox. That's what we want for you and that's what thousands of alumni have gained from our program.

We began this program in 2008 during the economic downturn. We know what to do and we've got your back!


So come join us and Let’s get you Back In the Game (BIG!)

Programs starting monthly.

Sessions Led By Seasoned and Experienced Executive Coaches

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Kimberly Roush

Founder, All-Star Executive Coaching

Professional Certified Coach and Former KPMG National Partner

Robin Headshot.png

Robin McNatt

Certified Master Trainer and Coach

 Former Chief Human

Resources Officer


Karen Seeley

Positive Psychology and

Well-Being Coach

Business People Talking

"This program is a game changer, period!"

Andre Lewis 

What Do You Get?

David Petts

Chief Revenue Officer

Positive and Powerful 3-Month Group Coaching Experience

Don't go it alone! We've got your back. 12-hour intensive month-one experience followed by two additional months of bi-weekly support for each cohort to maintain the momentum. New programs are limited to 14 executives to ensure individual attention. 1:1 coaching session included.

In this program you will discover where you have thrived, the circumstances that allowed you to thrive and what was most meaningful about your work. You will gain insights as to your personal leadership brand. You will be prepared for interviews with stories that will have your eyes sparkling! When you know what you’re looking for – it’s easier to find!

You’ll get rid of those disempowering thoughts and beliefs and learn how to stay strong when it really counts.

You’ll tap into your strengths, your values, and your gifts and come to understand the answer to the question ‘Who Are You … When You Are BIG?’ BIG isn’t about ego or boasting or being better than anyone else.

It’s just claiming your most resourceful state of mind from a place of humble gratitude.

Paige Venable 

Managing Director, KPMG LLP

Leadership Tools and Resources

Access to powerful coaching tools used with executive coaching clients and individualized LIFO® assessment and consultation.

These tools and resources can be used not only for career transition, but also when you land in your new role to bring added confidence and an edge up!

Karen Hooper

Non-Profit Executive

Anthony Forde

Sr. Merchandising Manager

NetPLAYing™ - Taking the Work out of Networking

A jumpstart to expanding your network with like-minded, right-level executives. Plus, access to an alumni network of over 2,500 participants who have been in your shoes and sat in your seats!

There’s an 85% chance you will get your job through networking! You need a plan. Let us give you the tools and tricks to make networking easy, more fun and more effective!

Literature to Put You in Your Most Resourceful State of Mind

A copy of Kimberly Roush's Best-Selling book, 'Who Are You...When You Are BIG?' and a copy of 'The Go-Giver' by Bob Burg and David Mann.

Ellen Anthony

HR Consultant

Employment Practices Group

Plus Incredible Added Bonuses

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Full Credit Towards an Executive Coaching Program

100% full-value credit towards a three, six or twelve month 1:1 coaching program with All-Star Executive Coaching. Good for up to one year!

A Complimentary Comprehensive Financial Plan ($3,500 value)

Financial fears are the #1 reason people make poor career choices. Our sponsor, Continuum Consulting Group (CCG), will provide a full, comprehensive financial plan which will give you objective data to support your career decisions. You can’t separate money and career. Your future income stream is likely one of your biggest assets. Let’s protect it!


During our program, CCG will also provide tips and tricks to stretch your severance, guidance on benefits, tax considerations and much more!

6 Months of Award-Winning Outplacement ($1,000 value)

You will receive access to Intoo’s full-service, comprehensive outplacement platform for 6 months which provides innovative job seeker tools including research, job search capabilities, assessments and guides for every aspect of career search, video interview practice, resume reviews, cover letter builders, negotiation guidance, on-demand coaching, and more!

People using the Intoo platform land in 10 weeks on average vs. a national average of 24 weeks!

No Risk Offer!
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Tracy K

Health Care Executive


Special COVID Pricing

All this for individuals for only $1,000 when using discount code SELFPAY or $2,000 when company sponsored using discount code COVID.

(Regular Price $2,500!)

Limited Time Only!

This program has a 8.7 Net Promoter Score!

Looking for something more private and comprehensive?

Check out our 1:1 Executive Coaching and Career Coaching programs.

For more information - Email: - Phone: (714)283-3840


Andre Lewis

Information Security, IT Compliance and Data Privacy

This program is a game changer, period! And the great thing is that it doesn't just apply to the corporate world and the board room.

It is helping me become a better husband and father. This class, with all these amazing leaders and facilitators, and all this amazing materials is PRICELESS. Kimberly, I feel like I got my life back and I appreciate you and your team helping me "get back in the game" stronger than ever.

 Chief Technology Officer

I would like you to know the profound impact this program had made to me and my family.

Associate Director


It was an energizing and empowering experience, and I look forward to putting all I learned into action.

Mark Shipman


Kimberly Roush’s Back In the Game (BIG) workshop is an intensive kick-in-the-pants that gets you refocused, re-energized, and re-ignited. She provides a portfolio of resources that will clear your mind and open your eyes to new possibilities. You’ll connect with a group of powerhouse peers who support your work, inspire your ideas, and cheer you on! If your career is evolving, this is the workshop that will set you up for a successful transition.

Robin Wachner

Back in the Game (BIG) is a brief but extremely impactful program for executives in translation that I wish my company had provided. This is a

must-attend for anyone in career transition.

Chief Financial Officer

You definitely changed my life.